The Good Wife’s Guide

good wifes guide


Most of us have either heard about or seen the good wife’s guide that was published in Good Housekeeping in May of 1955.  What is unfortunate is what a negative response it has received.  Most women are literally repulsed reading this.

I am not one of those women.  I for one think this guide is excellent and something that more women should do.  When you really look at it, what on earth is so bad about it?  I think it has to do with women being selfish, never wanting to do anything unless they get something in return.  We have lost the art of selflessness.

The first few rules discuss preparation for your husband coming home.  Make sure dinner is made, or on the stove, freshen up your hair and makeup, be in a good, positive mood, check over the house to make sure it is clean and organized, make sure the house is at a comfortable temperature, quite down the kids and make sure they look nice as well, and lastly have his favorite drink ready for him.

Are these things so much to ask?  Are they really that hard to do?  Not at all.  It’s the least you can do for a husband that works so hard to provide for you and your family.  He spends countless hours working dealing with non-stop stress.  His home should be his sanctuary.  Why wouldn’t you want it to be that way for him?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful for him to not be able to wait to come home knowing what is waiting for him?

The next set of rules discuss what you should do once he’s arrived.  Great him with a smile, don’t bombard him with whatever issues you dealt with that day, let him sit down and relax, remove his shoes, rub his feet or shoulders, don’t question him if he comes home late or misses dinner.  And most importantly, remember that a good wife always knows her place.

If your husband has been at work all day, the last thing he wants to deal with is coming home and his wife right off the bat complaining about all the things that went wrong in her day.  He doesn’t want you playing 20 questions about what he did or where he was.  He wants to come home to some peace and quiet, something he didn’t get to experience at work all day long.  If he wants to talk about his day, he will.  If he wants to just sit in silence, respect that.  Don’t nag, don’t pick at him.  Let him relax!

I believe that The Good Wife’s Guide is not outdated like many claim to it to be.  It isn’t degrading or any of those things.  It’s a very straight forward way that explains how a woman should care for her husband.  I just hate the fact that doing this is looked so down upon.  Why should a woman be ridiculed for putting her husbands needs before her own?  What is so wrong in that?


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