The Housewife Workout

Have you ever wondered how housewives stayed in such great shape?  They didn’t go out running every morning or go to the gym in the afternoon.  There wasn’t any yoga class or zumba classes for them to attend.  Yet somehow many of them kept slim with a tiny waist and great legs.  The average size woman had the measurements of 36, 24, 35.


How did they do it?  The answer – lack of technology.  Today we have an electronic device or machine that can do just about everything for us.  The other day at Lowe’s I saw a washer and dryer that you can control with your smartphone!  We have vacuums that clean the floors without our help.  We can get our groceries delivered to our homes.  Technology has made it so we barely need to move to get things done.

In the 1950′s, only about 1/3 of households had a washer and dryer.  This means the majority of women were washing and drying clothes by hand using this lovely machine.  Most of you have probably never seen or heard of it, it’s called a mangle.


There’s your arm and probably ab workout right there.  There were no dishwashers, so everything was done by hand.  Also, a lot of homes didn’t have a refrigerator, so grocery shopping had to be done daily.  And to top it off not all households had a car, especially 2, so many housewives had to walk.  Along with everything having to be done manually, cleanliness was a mark of respectability.  So the house was kept spotless at all times.  A housewife started and ended her day cleaning something.  She never stopped moving.

Think about when you’re out running errands, how easy is it to go through a drive thru or grab a snack in the checkout line?  I find myself doing it all the time.  I’m in line at a store and they always have some munchies by the register and I can’t help but grab something to snack on!  Housewives of the 50′s would do no such thing, even if it was available at that time.  They believed in eating proper meals, and women didn’t eat in public unless they were dining at a restaurant.

After a day of cleaning, cooking, running errands, and taking care of the children and her husband, the housewife also got an excellent nights sleep, something that is crucial to your health.  We sleep with our smartphones and tablets on our nightstands, and most of us have televisions in our bedrooms.  I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve stayed up incredibly late browsing pinterest on my iPhone.

The 50′s housewife didn’t have time to be lazy.  She didn’t have time to check Facebook, Twitter, or spend countless hours on pinterest.  Besides not having the time it wasn’t socially acceptable to sit to rest until the evenings.  With the obesity rate at what it is today, perhaps more of us should start picking up behaviors of the 50′s housewife.  Besides keeping a spotless home and keeping a happy husband, we would keep ourselves in excellent shape!


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