Keeping Up Appearances Part 2

Now that I’ve stressed the importance of keeping up your appearance, it’s time to discuss the execution.  How do you actually go about doing this?  How do you take yourself from a frumpy housewife to Grace Kelly?

grace kelly

As every good housewife knows, schedules and organization are everything.  Nothing is done randomly, everything is done with purpose and order.  Things are planned out in a way that makes the most sense and is most efficient.  All you need to do is add this into your daily schedule.  If you have really little ones, this is definitely more difficult, especially if they are not on a regular sleeping schedule.  If your children are in school it’s a bit easier. Whoever gets up first, whether it be your husband or children, wake up at least 20 minutes before they do.  This should give you plenty of time to wake yourself up and put yourself together.  Make sure to pick out what you are going to wear the night before, you don’t have time to spend staring at your closet with no idea what to put on!  If you are just seeing your husband off or dropping the kids off at school and returning home, there’s no need to do a full face of makeup.  Mascara, concealer, powder, blush/bronzer should do it.  If you are doing more than that then you should do your full makeup and will need to wake up early enough to do so.  Make sure to cover up any puffiness or dark circles under your eyes, you don’t want to look tired!  You want to look fresh and awake and give your family a wonderful start to their day.  Think about how much your husband will love walking into the kitchen before he’s off to work and there you are, his beautiful wife all dolled up for him early in the morning cooking his breakfast.  He will appreciate this extra effort more than you can imagine, and it will be an image he keeps in his mind throughout his day at work.


Some of you may be thinking “Why on earth would I go through all this trouble?  My husband probably wouldn’t even notice the difference!”  I will tell you that is definitely untrue.  Your husband WILL notice the extra effort you are making for him, and will likely make extra effort in return.

Another thing you’ll want to do is be sure to look just as nice if not better when he returns home.  Take a little bit of time to relax before he comes home, touch up your makeup and hair.  Spray on some perfume.  Another thing a man loves coming home to besides his beautiful wife is the smell of his dinner cooking!  Does your husband like to have a drink to wind down and relax when he gets home from work?  If so make sure you have that drink ready for him.  Greet him at the door with a smile and a kiss.  Help him with his things.  If he likes to sit down on the couch right when he gets home, go over and take his shoes off for him, rub his feet a little if he likes that.  You should do whatever you can to make him feel happy and relaxed to be back home after a long day of work.  Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, it is not asking a lot for a wife to rub his husbands feet when he gets home.  I think this again has to do with the ridiculous amount of pride we have these days.  Women think they are “above” doing such things, that they are better than that.  Newsflash, we are not!  We are here to serve our husbands as we serve the Lord.

So ladies, what do you say?  Can you make that extra effort for your husband?  What’s 20-30 more minutes to wake up in the morning and look your best for your husband?  He will appreciate it more than you can believe.


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