How To Keep the Holidays as Stress Free as Possible

Thanksgiving came and left in the blink of an eye.  Isn’t it amazing how we spend an entire day cooking (sometimes even two!) just for one night of dinner?  It is a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it.  Bringing family and friends together over an enormous, delicious dinner one night of the year is priceless.  It also seems to be the one night when the children actually eat their dinner!

Along with all the joy and love that the holidays bring, it also brings an enormous amount of stress.  Family members stopping by or staying over, decorating, cooking, cleaning, shopping… it seems to never end.  The holidays should be a time to celebrate, not to be stressed out!  Here’s how you do it.


Lists, lists, lists.

I swear I could not function without making lists!  Really, I don’t know how anyone functions without making lists.  When you try to rely on keeping everything memorized in your head is when things are forgotten and mistakes happen, which definitely add to your stress.  As mothers and wives we are pulled in a million different directions at all times, so having a list to rely on to remember things rather than our memory is a huge help.

Here are all of the things you should create a list for in preparation of the upcoming holiday:

Christmas Card Recipients

Christmas Gift Recipients & What They Will Be Receiving

Christmas Dinner Menu

Christmas Dinner Groceries

If you are going to have guests staying over you will also need:

Guests Visiting & Arrival/Departure Dates

Checklist for essential guestroom items

(If you also celebrate on Christmas Eve as well you will need to add it to the list)


Along with your lists, you will also need to schedule dates for everything.  You want to have a date set for when you will have all your Christmas cards completed and sent out by, when all your gifts will be purchased and wrapped and mailed if necessary, what day you are going to put up all of your Christmas decor, when you are going to grocery shop for your Christmas dinner groceries, what foods you can make or prep in advance and how long,

Besides creating lists and schedules, I also recommend keeping extras of things just to be as prepared as possible for the unexpected.  What if another family member wants to stop by or stay over?  Maybe you receive a gift or Christmas card from someone that you didn’t expect?  Extra Christmas cards are a must, and having a few gift cards from popular places like Amazon, Target, or Starbucks make it easy to give a gift to someone you weren’t expecting.  Also having extra travel size toiletries and towels can be so helpful.

Eliminating stress during the holidays means having everything prepared so you are not sitting around worrying or trying to remember something.  Have it all written out and done in advance!  Another huge help is sticking to your cleaning schedule!  You won’t have to worry about doing any major cleaning before guests arrive because it will already be done.


So sit down, get organized, and have a stress free holiday!






One thought on “How To Keep the Holidays as Stress Free as Possible

  1. My sentiments exactly. I always try to buy cute gift baskets when they go on clearance right after events like Christmas…I always have something on hand. And lists are my friends! Happy Holidays!

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