Are you treating your man like a real man?

As women, there are a few things we need to hear now again to feel good about ourselves. We need to be told we are attractive, appreciated, and loved. Sure it may vary for some women, but those are the basics. We need to be reassured of these things every now and again to feel confident. Sometimes we forget, however, that men need reassurance and compliments too!  Being told how beautiful we look is equivalent to a woman making a man feel masculine. We need to be sure we are making our man feel like a mans man!

It can be something as simple as having him open the tough lid to a jar, lifting a heavy object, or having him kill that awful disgusting spider you found crawling on the wall. Telling him how you admire his muscles or that you think his beard makes him look so handsome. A man needs to be made felt like a man! One of the worst things you can do is insult his masculinity.

Women need to be made felt loved, a man needs to be made felt admired.

Besides the obvious ways as stated above, there are several other ways you can make your husband feel like the amazing man he is!

– Actions & Words In Public

When your husband is speaking, make sure to look at him and truly listen to what he is saying. I remember watching a documentary about Marilyn Monroe, and I loved watching her when her then husband Arthur Miller would talk. Her eyes would be glued to him, and she would look at him with such admiration. You could tell how much she loved him and admired his intellect. Always support what he is saying, even if you don’t agree. Challenging him in public is not only incredibly disrespectful and humiliating to your husband, it makes the rest of the group uncomfortable. Disagreements should ALWAYS be in private. Compliment him or tell the group about something he’s recently accomplished or something nice he’s done for you. Obviously you don’t want to say anything obnoxious or something that might embarrass him.

– Protection

It is a man’s natural instinct to want to protect his children and the woman he loves. Have you ever seen what a little boy does if someone says something bad about their mother?  This instinct to protect starts at a very young age. If you feel scared express it to him and let him protect you and make you feel secure. Hold his arm when you’re walking, let him know that him being there with you makes you feel safe!

– Freedom & Alone Time

You do not need to know where he is and what he is doing every second of the day. I think cell phones and social media make us feel entitled to this.  Give him privacy!  You do not need to know his every action.  Give him freedom.  If he comes home late don’t badger and nag him about it.  In fact, don’t say anything about it at all.  If he wants to talk about where he was or what he was doing, he will tell you.  By giving him this freedom and showing him your trust, over time I can bet that he will start telling you where he is or won’t come home late at all.  Also, remember that men need alone time.  I think as women we enjoy being around others so much that we forget men need some time to themselves, especially if he has been working all day.  If he comes home and goes straight into the office let him have some time in there to relax and be by himself.  Give him some quiet time!

– Let Him Lead

Men were born to lead.  It’s in their blood.  Let him do what he was born to do!  Let him be the leader of the family.  Support his decisions, trust in his decisions, especially in front of your children.  If you show him respect and obedience, your children will do the same.  It’s so important to set a good example.


Obviously I’ve only given a few suggestions, and there are so many more wonderful ways to show your man how much you admire him, show him that he is the man God made him to be.  Like all things, this may take some time.  At first it may even feel awkward or uncomfortable for you, and it may take a lot of effort.  But it will surely pay off.  You will see your husband truly shine because of your efforts.  You will give him such confidence and reassurance in his role as a man.