Retro Housewife Fashion

IMG_0289 IMG_0304 IMG_0368 IMG_0412 IMG_0459 IMG_0557 IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0610 IMG_0620 IMG_0657 ImageIMG_3897


6 thoughts on “Retro Housewife Fashion

  1. I adore your outfits, but what do you wear when your’e doing your chores? I’ve been making myself change into something more becoming before my husband gets home, but there’s no way I could muck the chicken coop in a cute dress. lol

    • I usually wear an outfit like the ones I’ve posted above, except I’ll wear an apron over it while doing chores. I do get dressed wearing heels in the morning, but once everyone has left for work and school I take them off and put on my house slippers. If I go out anywhere or anyone is coming over, I put the heels back on. A good apron is a housecleaning essential for me! I also don’t have any chicken coops to clean…. in that case I would probably change into something I didn’t mind getting very dirty 🙂

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