Retro Recipe Friday!


Some of you may already be aware that I am a collector of vintage cookbooks. I have a lovely collection with cookbooks dating back all the way from 1912! It’s fascinating to read about all the ingredients and methods that were used during different times; and the cookbooks that came out around the great depression talking about rationing and substitutions are captivating. They are truly a wonderful piece of history, and I cherish each and every one of them.

So, with that being said, I thought it would be a lot of fun to try a different recipe each week from one of my vintage cookbooks! And with that, voila! Retro Recipe Friday was born! I know some will be delicious, and others maybe not so much, but it’s going to be so much fun cooking these old recipes. I hope that you will enjoy this as much as I do!

So with that, let’s begin!

This weeks recipe came from Betty Crocker’s Hostess Cookbook. This cookbook not only has lovely recipes but serves as a handbook for any hostess. It was published in 1967.






One of my favorites from the book, all made of fruit and veggies! If only I were more artistic…

So here it is, the first recipe for Retro Recipe Friday!



This Weeks Menu 1/4 – 1/10


Sunday 1/4Breaded Pork Chops w/ Carrots & Green Beans

Monday 1/5Pan Fried Trout w/ Sauteed Squash, Zucchini, & Onions

Tuesday 1/6Chili Lime Tilapia w/ Asparagus

Wednesday 1/7Lemon Rosemary Salmon w/ Steamed Winter Vegetables

Thursday 1/8Rosemary Garlic Roast Leg of Lamb w/ Red Potatoes

Friday 1/9Grilled Tilapia w/ lemon butter & capers w/ asparagus

Saturday 1/10Olive Oil Poached Salmon & Artichoke w/ Lemon, Garlic, Mayo Dipping Sauce

Please feel free to reach me through the contact page or email me at for any of these recipes 🙂

Blue Apron – Review & 2 Free Meals For Readers!


Imagine a world where you had someone to put together your meal plan, recipes, and even go grocery shopping for you, and at the end deliver it all to your front doorstep.  Sounds like a fantasy right?

Blue Apron has turned that fantasy into a reality!

As a busy mother and housemaker, Blue Apron is a Godsend.  I sit down every Sunday and plan my meals for the week as well as prepare my grocery list.  Sometimes it takes me almost an hour to try to figure out what to make, I hate to make the same dishes all the time, and recipes that I find online can be hit or miss.  Blue Apron takes all that stress away!  All you have to do is set your dietary preferences, and they do the rest for you.  The meals sent to you are designed and tested by professional chefs, and all the ingredients you need are sent to you, already measured out.  All ingredients sent to you are top quality and from local suppliers, they are also delivered in a refrigerated box so you don’t have to worry about being home exactly when the box arrives.  Along with all these great benefits, Blue Apron allows me to cook something new and different.  I’m able to try something I likely wouldn’t have, that way we aren’t eating the same meals over and over again.  That definitely gets boring!


You are able to have a healthy, home cooked meal, minus all the stress, in about 40 minutes or less!

The first meal I cooked was the Chicken & Chestnut Pasta.  Here’s a copy of the recipe card:

IMG_0623 IMG_0624

With all the ingredients included in this dish, I was very curious to see how it was going to turn out.  It was delicious!  The chestnuts gave it a wonderful nutty flavor and crunch, and it was really full of flavor.

Next I made the braised moroccan-style salmon & greens.  Here’s the recipe card:

 IMG_0625 IMG_0626

As I’ve mentioned before, we eat a TON of fish at our house, so I was really excited to try this!  The citrus flavor and vegetable were absolutely delicious.  This one is definitely going into my rotation.

The third meal I made was acorn squash tempura tacos w/ smoked spanish paprika-lime sauce. Recipe Card:

IMG_0627 IMG_0628

I was very nervous to prepare this as we don’t ever have meatless dinners in our home.  But after trying it, I couldn’t believe how much “meatiness” the squash provided.  You really didn’t miss the protein as this was very filling.  The combination of spices was wonderful, and I will definitely be sharing this recipe with my vegetarian friends.

Blue Apron is great, and I highly recommend their service.  The food is delicious and easy to make, and they truly relieve any stresses that come along with making dinner.

The first 50 Retro Housewife Life readers can click here for two free meals from Blue Apron!  I hope that you will enjoy cooking with them as much as I have.


* Disclaimer: I received one free box for this review.

Hello Fresh – Review & Discount Code!


I love to cook.  I love trying new foods, learning about new ingredients, and best of all, seeing the smiles on my family’s faces as the enjoy the delicious meal I’ve just cooked for them.  Unfortunately, creating gourmet meals at home is incredibly time consuming and expensive.  You have to find the right recipe, get the sometimes impossible to find ingredients, make sure you get the freshest meats and produce, etc.  It can be a lot of work to put a great meal on the table!

Until now.

Hello Fresh makes putting a delicious meal on the table as easy as opening a box and following directions.  I’m able to have the freshest ingredients along with an easy to follow, step-by-step recipe delivered right to my doorstep!  Hello Fresh, where have you been all my life?

Hello Fresh is a weekly meal delivery service that you can have as often or not as you’d like.  It’s so simple, you go online and fill out your profile including dietary preferences, select how often you’d like your deliveries, and wait for that lovely box to arrive to your home.  That’s it!  No more meal planning or walking up and down the aisles at the grocery store trying to find what you need.  Hello Fresh delivers it all right to you, and the ingredients are even already portioned out for you!  The box is also insulated and full of ice packs, so if you’re not home right when the box arrives you don’t have to worry about ingredients spoiling.


I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try out my very own HelloFresh box at home!

The first meal I made was the Creamy Penne w/ Chicken & Sun-Dired Tomatoes.  Here is the recipe card:

IMG_0619 IMG_0629

As you can see it lists all of the necessary ingredients, all of which were included in the box except for the olive oil.  I love that it also gives you the nutritional information!  On the backside of the card they give you step by step directions including pictures.  I promise you, even the most novice of cooks can follow the directions and end up with a delicious meal for your family.  The pasta was delicious!  It was very rich and flavorful, the kids kept stealing it off of our plates!

Next was the Caramelized Onion Shepherd’s Pie.  Here’s the recipe card:

IMG_0632 IMG_0633

I have to tell you I was very nervous about making this one.  My husband grew up eating Shepherd’s Pie, and his mother is an excellent cook.  I’ve never even tried to make it just for that reason, so I was really hoping that this would compare.  It ended up being a huge success, and he even asked that I start making it using this exact recipe!  Thank you Hello Fresh 🙂

The third meal I made was the Mustard Crusted Trout.  We eat a lot of fish in our house, so I was really excited to try a new fish recipe.  Here’s the recipe card:

IMG_0630 IMG_0631

Absolutely delicious!  The trout was very good quality and the flavors were excellent.  I will definitely be repeating this recipe again in the future.


With Hello Fresh, you are getting the “best of the best” ingredients.  Everything is local and farm fresh, and they even have an in-house dietician that approves all the meals.  Having professional chef’s design your meals also means you get to learn about new ingredients, as well cook new things you wouldn’t usually make at home.  As a housewife, it really helps relieve the stress of finding recipes, menu planning, and grocery shopping.  Sometimes I feel like I’m at the grocery store half the day by the time I’m done, so I’ll definitely be using Hello Fresh again.

Hello Fresh and myself want all the readers of The Retro Housewife Life to try their amazing service too… so they are offering 25% off your first order!  Use the code HELLORETRO at checkout.


* Disclaimer: I was given one free box from HelloFresh for this review.

Lemon Dill Poached Salmon Fettucine

In our house, we eat a lot of fish, so I am always looking for new recipes and ways to prepare it. There is this fabulous little Italian restaurant we go to for lunch once a week, and they have the most amazing poached salmon there. It’s what we both get every single time we go! I love how poached salmon tastes, it really helps it to retain flavor and not dry out. Now I of course was not going to attempt to make the same recipe as they serve at the restaurant, but I wanted to make something similar. Here is the recipe I used and it turned out wonderful!

Lemon Dill Poached Salmon Fettuccine

  • 2 salmon fillets
  • 2 servings fettuccine
  • 1 1/2 cups dry white wine
  • 1 cup water
  • 3 lemon slices
  • 5 sprigs fresh dill
  • 5 sprigs fresh parsley
  • 2 fresh bay leaves
  • 3 tbl butter
  • 2 tbl olive oil
  • salt & pepper
  • thyme, dill, lemon zest for garnish

Cook fettuccine as instructed. When finished, drain well and toss immediately with butter and olive oil.

Combine dry white wine, water, lemon slices, sprigs of fresh dill, springs of fresh parsley, fresh bay leaves, butter, olive oil, and plenty of black pepper and salt to taste. Bring this combination to a boil. Once boiling, lower heat to a simmer, then add salmon fillets. Cover and cook for about 7 minutes or until salmon is just done. Remove salmon and let cool, then break into large pieces. Add the salmon to the fettuccine, and garnish with thyme, dill, and lemon zest.

Try to have the salmon and fettuccine finish around the same time, that way you can serve it warm.


KitchenAid Mixer … I love you.

As a self-proclaimed retro housewife, mother/step-mother to three little ones, and wife to a very busy (and hungry!) man, I find that the majority of my day is spent in the kitchen.  I truly love cooking, I enjoy every aspect of it, and since becoming a homemaker the one thing I enjoy most is making as much as possible from scratch.


Growing up, my family was definitely not traditional.  My dad was retired and stayed at home to take care of me and my mother worked what sometimes seemed like 7 days a week.  My dad did all of the cooking and cleaning, taking care of me, etc., and my mother was there for me to help me with sports and academics.  A little backwards, no?  Because we were so busy, most meals were things that could be easily thrown in the oven and done in 20 min.  Chicken nuggets, fries, fish sticks, and the occasional spaghetti were dinnertime regulars.  As the youngest of 4 girls, I think my parents were just flat out exhausted and took advantage of modern conveniences.

I remember staying up in the evening watching shows like Leave it to Beaver and Bewitched on Nick at Nite.  The idea of a housewife tending to the home and children and the father walking through the door everyday at 5pm with his suit, hat, and briefcase sitting down to a delicious meal was so foreign to me.  I was beyond intrigued.


If you were to look at my Amazon WishList, you would see it mostly consists of kitchen items, primarily KitchenAid Mixer attachments.  I own the basics, the whisk, dough hook, and paddle mixer, and I also have the book “The Mixer Bible”, but can you imagine what I could do with all the amazing attachments they offer?!  From the ice cream maker to the pasta attachments, and the fruit and vegetable grinder to the sausage stuffer, I’ve pretty much got them all on my list.  For a person like myself who so much enjoys making food from scratch, can you even imagine the possibilities?!  My mind gets lost in a dreamworld thinking about it.

So, what exactly what I make you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  This would be the meal of all meals.


I’d start off by using the food grinder and sausage stuffer and make delicious cheddar jalapeno sausage served with spinach and chopped tomato salad.  The spiciness and sausage made from scratch!  Oh my goodness my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Next I would use my pasta roller and ravioli maker attachments to again, make from scratch, a mouthwatering butternut squash ravioli.  The delicateness of the ravioli and mixture of herbs, spices, squash, and cheeses would literally melt in your mouth.  Yes, I promise you it would be that good!  Alongside that I would serve an amazing French Baguette with a recipe that actually takes 2 days to make!  The fluffiness of the bread served warm so the butter slightly melts when you spread it on… ah!  Heavenly.  Now we get to my favorite part of any meal, dessert!  I would make a plethora of sweets, something to appeal to everyone’s tastes buds.  I’d use my ice cream maker attachment to make Dulce de Leche ice cream.  Who doesn’t love that?!  I’d also make a strawberries and cream dessert that is so light and fluffy and sweet, and is topped with fresh strawberries.  And you of course can’t leave out a classic, meringues!  They are so quick and easy to make with your KitchenAid mixer.  And for all my chocolate lovers, including myself, a triple chocolate cake, three layers of three different types of chocolate.  On the side serve some of that freshly made Dulce de Leche ice cream and you are sure to go into a sugar coma!

That meal would truly satisfy every food craving I could possibly have.  It’s amazing how many possibilities you have with a KitchenAid mixer, especially with all the attachments they offer!


So tell me, what are your favorite things to make using your mixer?  What are the dream items you would love to make using their attachments?


Sweeten Up Your Weekend


Sweeten up your weekend with some delicious chocolate chip cookies!  Not only do they taste great, but children love to help make them!  Enjoy!




1/2 lb unsalted butter

1 cup granulated sugar

1 1/4 cup brown sugar

2 eggs

3 cups baking flour

1/2 tbl salt

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 16 oz bag chocolate chips


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
  • Using your mixer, combine butter, both sugars, and eggs. 
  • Put mixer speed to low and add flour, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips. Mix until well combined. 
  • Use a large cookie scoop and scoop dough onto a lined baking sheet. You want your dough balls to be approx 2 inches apart. 
  • Cook for approx 20 min or until lightly browned. Transfer to wire rack to cool.